What This Blog is About

So what is this blog about? Well to start off with I believe that every individual has a guardian an angel that follows them a spirit animal, whatever you want to call it. I believe there is a divined spiritual entity that follows us and protects every single one of us. “Letters to my guardian” is a blog where I write out letters or feeling that I feel at the present moment and these letters I send out on my blog as a spiritual way for me to communicate with my guardian. The Law of Attraction says that you should write out all the things that you want and send it out to the universe well in this blog is one of the little weird ways I like to do just that.

We all have problems at some point in our life and writing a letter of all the problems you’re having and sending it out to the universe can also be a great way of letting go of all the negative energies that can hold you back.

This blog is a community of individuals that work together to send out positive energies to work together so that all of us working together, can all manifest something great, something much bigger in our life something that will truly be a great change. I encourage other settlers like myself to become a part of the community and to share and participate.

I encourage my followers to write out letters, whether it be to let go of negative energy or to manifest a dream of yours. Just write a letter to your guardian and share it right here on this blog “letters to my Guardian” so that we can work together as a community to help one another manifest our dreams and to let go of bad vibes and energies.


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