Know The Author

My name is freddy I’m a students that’s currently majoring in physics. I’m far from being perfect and quite frankly I do make quite a bit of mistakes. But as I have come to learn that sometimes the most cherished memories that I have are those of some of the mistakes I’ve made and learned from. I’m a very shy and quiet person most of the time I sit in the front of the classroom and never talk. I tend to always find myself having difficulties in trusting other humans. I have no friends other than my cat and to be honest I really don’t mind the fact that I’m a loner. I have a funny voice, I walk funny, and truthfully I just have an awkward way of presenting myself. I don’t like going out and anything that has a large crowd of people I rather stay away from. This might sound strange to you but I actually like being isolated and alone. Without a second thoughts I’m most productive when alone. I love to read books my weakness is fantasy, science fiction, and star track. I’m not rich nor am i middle class, with all honesty I truly am below poor. I have absolutely no money other than that which I get from financial aid. Also I was born with a learning disability which I’ve learned to accept. I have found different ways to work around it and still be successful in college. All my life I was told what I cannot be and that I would never be able to accomplish much in life, yet here I stand still with big dreams and hopes. I have overcome so much and I still have so much to overcome and yet I know I will.

” all of the struggles and all of the glory that we go through in life are nothing more than just chess pieces on a board moving towards something greater” -JAG-

I have accomplished so much in my life even though all the odds were against me. I want to be someone that will motivate other individuals that are walking in the shoes I once walked in.


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