Letters to my guardian 002

Dear Guardian

Guardian I would like to say thank you because there are so many things in my life to be grateful for. I’m so grateful just a couple of days ago I got my financial aid money on my debit card and I was able to buy my books a week in advance before school starts. Because of this I saved a lot of money and I will have my books before class starts so thank you. Also everything in my life has been going great I’ve been helping out my mother at the office which I’ve been working for free but I cannot complain because she pays for my car on my insurance. Guardian I keep having a dream where I buy a brand new house it’s a beautiful home but the inside of the house is empty it lacks furniture and to all the comforts that makes a home a home I’ve already had this dream 3 times I wonder what it means. I want to ask you to keep looking over me to keep me on the right path and to keep me out of trouble or from being in the wrong place at the wrong time as you always have. Guardian I know you watch over me and I can feel your presence around me all the time I asked for you to help me and guide me to the right path I want to do great things in my life and I want to help many people as many as I possibly can. There isn’t really much amazing things happening in my life right now but I know that’s about to change very quickly because I’m about to start school.



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