A man stranded on an island for a year with just an eBook

So one of my new years resolution is to read more books. I kick started this new year with a book called influx. The book is about the human race actually being more technologically advanced than what we ever thought we were. The problem is there’s a secret government organisation that believe that some technology must be kept secret, in order to protect the human race from destroying itself. I’m a real big book lover. I’m fascinated with eBook, it amazes me how such a little device can carry all the books I truly care about. My weakness is star track, fantasy, true stories and, science fiction. If you’ve read any great books and you truly recommend them. I would love to know about them, perhaps they will be one of the books that I read this New Year 2015. Also if you know of any good communities here on word press let me know so that I can follow them as well.image


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