A short summary about me

All my life I was always told that I would not amount to much in life. You see I was born with a disability, I’m a slow learner to make a long story short. I was always left behind in all my classes and I never had any friends to call my own. All elementary, junior high, and high school I had to attend special-ed classes to assist me because of my slow learning disability. In high school my principal told me that I would amount to nothing in life and that the only job I would ever be able to get would be that of a janitor position. I was 21 years old and my reading level was at a 3rd grade level, I loved books but I never could read any. I got to the point in my life where I was so sick and tired of being the stupid child the stupid kid. I made myself a promise that I would become the most intelligent person in the world even though as far fetched as that may sound. I taught myself to read and I read my first book. I put myself back together and motivated myself to get my GED so that I can put myself in college. Well make a long story short I’ve now been in college for 2 years and all my classes have been A’s and B’s. I’ve proved to everyone that I can be just as intelligent as they can but most importantly I prove to myself that I am truly worth something great. I want to help other individuals that are in my shoes. That they might feel hopeless, I want to be there hope, I want to help them to be more motivated to accomplishing their goals as well.

Don’t ever make fun of an individual’s learning disabilities because it truly does feel horrible




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